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LED Lighting Installer Kent

LED lighting doesn’t just have to be about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint (although that’s an added bonus) it can also be about creating a bespoke, custom made home or work environment at an affordable cost.

Why switch to LED Lighting?

  • LED lighting is very durable; LED lamps last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • LED lamps last longer than traditional filament bulbs
  • LED lamps work well in all environments
  • LED Lamps do not heat up as much as traditional bulbs and run at much lower temperatures
  • LED lamps give 100% brightness straight away and do not require “warming up”
  • LED lamps are up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional filament bulbs.

Modern LED lights are available in many different colours allowing you to create a warm cosy feel in a bedroom or a snug whilst allowing for a crisp, cool, modern effect in a kitchen or office space.


For commercial clients we can offer free lighting surveys to calculate how much changing you office/warehouse lighting to LED can save you.

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