Creating the ‘Wireless’ Look to your Home Cinema

It’s the bane of a home cinema enthusiasts life; wires! Any home entertainment setup always involves cables for signal and power. Cables dangle from walls or end up as a tangled mess behind your entertainment centre.

There are simple ways to combat this spaghetti chaos. Firstly, you could use some cable trunking from behind your TV down the wall to behind your entertainment centre. Whilst this hides the disaster that hides behind, it doesn’t look particularly pleasing and even if you are fortunate to find a matching colour to your walls, it still sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn’t offer that ‘bespoke’ feel that you might be looking for.

Enter SyncBox. SyncBox is a revolutionary system built on the idea or running cables through the wall. Although this concept is not new, how SyncBox manages connections is. SyncBox offers users nearly unlimited possibilities of the types of connections you can have giving you ultimate flexibility when it comes to your home entertainment system.

SyncBox has been designed to replace all of you Audio and Visual outlets in the home. The box is installed in the wall and supplied with a cover (in a range of colours and finishes) leaving the connections completely invisible.

Have a TV on the wall? Use a SyncBox installed behind your TV and a box behind your entertainment centre to hide the trailing wires. Using Sky, Virgin Media or Freeview? All connections are covered. Using a subwoofer, Single and dual phono connections are supported too. Speaker connections for your surround sound? Covered. Even power can be managed by the system so you can achieve that bespoke and ‘wirefree’ look.

Installed by our expert team of electricians you can be sure of the perfect installation without compromise. If you would like to find out more and would like a free of charge consultation and site visit just call us on 01732 758985 or enter your details in the contact form below.

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