Is Your Business Paying Too Much?

Did you know? Lighting can account for as much as 20% of the running costs for the average office. In some businesses, including retail stores and warehouses, it can be much as 40%. There’s no doubt that keeping on top of those utility bills is important and finding ways to cut them down can have a significant impact on that all-important bottom line.

Now, here’s the good news: Switching to more energy efficient LED lighting can deliver significant cost savings for your business. It’s something that many companies have already done and others are set to follow the trend. The cost of LED bulbs has come down in the last few years and switching has never been easier.

The Benefits of LED

  • LED bulbs last more than five times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. They don’t have the same fragile structure that other bulbs have and are the most robust lighting option currently available on the market.
  • They use far less electricity and will reduce your spend on utilities. This is key for many businesses and is another way to reduce running costs which can have a big impact over both the short and long term.
  • LED is 80% more efficient than a traditional filament bulb and 30% better than CFL lighting. And the good news is that they fit into the same lighting fixture.
  • LED lights deliver 100% brightness immediately and don’t need to ‘warm’ up. Bulbs are available in a variety of types from screw and bayonet mountings to plug in varieties.

What It Means For Your Business

  • Spend less on utility bills and use that spare cash to grow your business. With smart metres and improved technology, businesses nowadays have a firmer grip on their utility spend. That means you can monitor improvements more closely and get a clear idea on how swapping to LED can benefit your company.
  • Create better lit environments in all work situations and help improve productivity. We all need good lighting to do our work well and it’s been shown to affect our performance at work when the light quality is poor. LED lighting is sharp and directional and suitable for all work environments.
  • Lower your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Not only is there some worry over the recyclability of old fashioned filament and CFL bulbs, they also use more electricity and add to your carbon emissions. LED lighting doesn’t suffer from these issues and is the greener alternative we should all be switching to.

You can now get a free survey of all your lighting from the team at Lake Electrical.

All our engineers are registered and qualified NICEIC Electrical Contractors, so they know a thing or two about lighting. They’ll be able to assess your current lighting and take a look at your needs, then calculate how much you can save by switching to LED. There’s absolutely no obligation for you to take it any further and you’ll have a clear idea how changing could benefit your business.

To book a FREE on-site survey for your business today contact us on 0808 1469 299 or 07763 736382.

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